A luxury Bath and Body boutique featuring fine handmade SoapCakes

Belle Victoria™ says:
Give the gift of Luxury to those you care about most...including yourself!

My artisan designed Soaps are a delightful and unique gift idea for anyone who appreciates handmade quality.
Made in the centuries-old tradition of fine soapmaking, each Belle Victoria™ SoapCake is created with only “top of the line” ingredients for the ultimate bathing experience.

 Each Belle Victoria™ SoapCake is made from scratch ... handstirred to creamy perfection ... hand decorated with exclusive designs ... allowed to cure for a minimum of 3-4 weeks for long lasting mildness, and then carefully handpackaged to be sent to YOU (or directly to your recipient!).

 Your skin will benefit from a proprietary blend of plant-based oils from around the world. Italian and Turkish olive oils, pure unrefined Shea Butter from Africa, and rice bran oil (a secret of Asian beauty) all contribute their special qualities to each soap batch. Within selected Belle Victoria™ SoapCakes, you will find fresh juices, creamy milks, and finely ground botanicals.

Your SoapCake will not be merely ENHANCED (as many commercial soaps are) but LOADED with vitamins... age-fighting antioxidants... and other natural additives that nourish your skin and uplift your spirit.

elle Victoria™ SoapCakes make lovely gifts for:


Bridal/Baby Showers

Sacred Union/Commitment ceremonies





Hostess Gifts

Guest Amenities

Raffle Prizes


Thank you gifts

And, of course, holidays such as :


Valentines Day


Mother’s Day

Father’s Day


4th of July

Advent season

Your special day


  Browse through the Gallery of designs, or email me to discuss a custom Belle Victoria™ SoapCake created exclusively for YOUR special occasion!

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